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A happy man wears linen - and there are multiple reasons for that.

It is 100% natural fibre and extremely comfortable to wear. Linen fabric keeps cool, when it is hot outside, and it warms when the weather is cooler. It is lightweight, and it dries super fast when washed. And one of the most comfortable, linen clothes can be easily washed at the home.
Linen is also a fibre that grows in Europe, so it is not cultivated on the side of the world where there is lack of sweet water and extreme heat.



Bring the summer in to your home

CLEAN beauty | organic skincare


It´s about mix and match

Finally it is here!

One of our key sustainability elements is to become circular. As you might know, we have been taking back our client's old clothes (in good condition) and helped in that way to recycle and de-clutter the wardrobes. Slowly but surely, we are putting together a possibility to shop also preloved SECONDLIFE -fashion pieces.



Did you know that we take back also your old, unwanted clothes that are just sitting on your wardrobe.

If you want to be part of our Circular family, send us an email and we send you more information.

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Positive impacts on people and planet, and economy

Last year we started a new collaboration with Green spark by planting trees. So far, we have planted 125 trees and helped to cut down 1.15T CO2 emissions. This is only a start, and during this new year of 2023, we aim to multiply our actions towards environment saving and preserving

Why we exist

HELS1NK1 concept has been since 2019, but the idea of sustainable and guilty free shopping and lifestyle was born already in 2014. For us sustainable lifestyle is not giving up from the quality of the life, it is actually upgrading it and making it more meaningful.

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we take back your old clothes

You can now order an empty RePack packaging and recycle with us your old clothes, hosiery and skincare packaging.

We send all orders with repack

All orders are send to you with sustainable RePack packaging.

online support

If you have any questions that we can help, you can chat with us via messenger, text message and instagram chat box.

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