Our World

Hels1nk1 is a concept store for a sustainable and modern lifestyle. Ethics is a cornerstone of all our activities and is the only right way for us to act.

We are looking for products born from the idea of ​​changing the world for the better; how we operate and consume, or by creating a completely new and innovative product that sits into our society's needs. We are excited when a classic product is made using existing know-how, changing its manufacturing process technology to be more functional and bringing the entire supply chain closer to customers. There is no reason to go further, when the catch is closer, more durable, more timeless, and better done.

We focus on European products and especially the Nordic ones. The name HELS1NK1 comes from the capital of Finland. It is our source of our inspiration and ideas. It is where nature, sea, forest, and architecture from different decades sits seamlessly together. It is a city where innovative energy, timelessness, and pure Nordic design are present.


Anne Alastalo