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Can our consume habit save the world?

Can our consume habit save the world?

The media is full of negative news about the fashion industry, extreme consumption, water pollution, poisoned soil, childhood famine, women's rights trampling ... the list is endless.

If we only listen to this news, we will start thinking that we must stop consuming completely in order to save this world and do the right thing. Before we move on to the ban phase, let's mix a little and see where the positive effect of consumption is.

One of the main values during the process of creating HELS1NK1 is respect for people. Anyone who is in any part of the distribution channel for each HELS1NK1 product must have a fair wage, the right to be organized, to speak, the right to be ill, the right to legal breaks and holidays. The list is endless.

But more importantly, create these rights for the people and make them sustainable.

I would like to highlight a few brands that focus on bringing joy and well-being to people's lives by allowing them to play an active role in the development of their community.


A Beautiful Story

This brand was created by Dutch lady Cathelijne Lania, who gave up her safe job with a multinational coffee company to become an entrepreneur in a whole new field. He began his adventure by touring people's houses selling and telling the stories of the artisans behind the jewellery.

All bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are made with traditional techniques in Nepal which allows them to continue their cultural heritage and develop their own community. By working on A Beautiful Story, many women have been able to become more independent, empowered and active players to provide financial support for the family. A piece of Beautiful Story jewelry is made to order.


A Melawear

MELAWEAR produces fair and clean products made in India. Paddle means "working together" in Hindi. Melawear is a registered German company that respects various authorities to ensure safe products for consumers and working conditions for their manufacturers.

All products are made in ecological harmony with nature. All products are Fair Trade, GOTS and Gruner Knopf certified, which guarantees a toxin-free product and a clean working environment for all employees. In addition, Melawear wants to ensure a fair payment for everyone by offering 10% more than what is paid in the local textile industry. In this way, they will secure a better financial situation and sustainable living conditions.



These two companies are good examples of how we can create good things around by creating beautiful, functional products. If we just look at the result and blind ourselves to money, nothing good will happen. But if a socially responsible activity is involved in measuring success, we can change the world piece by piece.

This is the same when making a purchase decision. If we go blindly behind cheap prices and offers, we know that someone is suffering and is not the leader of the company.

Maybe we can't save the world, but we can definitely change. And every change, even the smallest, begins with our choices.



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