Can sustainable fashion be sexy?

Can sustainable fashion be sexy?

When you hear the word "sustainable fashion", it can bring to mind images of perhaps dull, shapeless and tasteless clothes that have no style. Fortunately, this picture does not match this moment. Over the past five years, there have been many new sustainable and ethical fashion brands with unique designs and great taste in dress. We are entering an era where traditional and ethical fashion can look just as trendy and stylish.

New brands are based on ethical values and have open and sustainable processes. Perhaps due to active social media, all information found in companies can be found and verified. But what's impressive about this rise in sustainable fashion is that they shake the traditional fashion world and set new rules of the game. It is not enough to look good; it is just as important to do good at the same time.

We were recently invited to attend the first Sustainable Fashion Event hosted by Foundry Luxembourg and to host an exhibition on Sustainable Fashion. It was one of my dreams that I could fulfil. I've always dreamed of doing something like this ...

We were creating outfits, building a playlist, practising for a walk and etc.

It was an incredible experience. And what was a cherry pie, the people I worked within this short time. That energy, the spirit, the eye of fashion and style and the incredible team spirit! Such a great experience.

Here are some outfits represented by HELS1NK1.

Wool office look from Rhumaa

Wool office look from Rhumaa.


Modern casual Cupro outfit together with Alpaca knitwear, natural wool beanie from Myssyfarmi and Zero waste waist bag.


Cupro palazzo trousers from Cossac, luxurious Albaca knitwear from Rhumaa together with Wool coat from Luxembourg based young brand MyEinfûhleng and original wool beanie from Myssyfarmi.


Italian Wool coat from Myeinfuhleng together with vintage waistcoat and Zero waste Waist bag.


Organic cotton jumpsuit with Bamboo silk top from PIC Style. We love this Parisian style:)


This ethical Blazer is from Devi. It is made by Indian artisans from old saris.


This super chick loose dress is from Hálo. The beautiful design is from famous Finnish artist Reidar Särestöniemi, that hálo can exclusively use at their designs.


The same print used at Kimono from Hálo.

Italian wool complete from Myeifuhleng together with Organic Cotton shirt from Rhumaa.


This little black Kaarna dress is from Hálo and it has this very interesting Wood Park print on it.

What do you think? Is sustainable fashion boring, or is it actually interesting and attractive to wear in everyday life?

All the pictures are taken by amazing photographer Dominika Montonen-Koivisto.

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