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No shape is as round as the sun, yet Valona’s round Korona earring comes close. The graphically distinct earring is slightly retro in style, but at the same time timelessly stylish. It is easy to combine with a variety of outfits from simple to more eye-catching. The mossy shade of green, inspired by nettle soup, is particularly natural and easy to fall in love with.

The wooden ring is made entirely of Finnish, sustainably sourced birch plywood. The wood is hand-dyed green so that its fibres stand out beautifully from beneath the colour. The stud and stopper parts are sterling silver. The earring fits comfortably directly against the ear due to its attachment method.

Colour Green

Wooden part Finnish birch plywood, stud and stopper sterling silver, comes with silicone plugs

Made in Finland

Wood is a natural material, and slight darkening is its beautiful property. However, if you feel your wood-coloured jewellery has darkened too much over the years, you can clean and bleach the wood part with a soda mixture.

Add a few teaspoons of baking soda to a small amount of water until a thick paste forms.
Carefully rub the wooden part with a toothbrush, for example.
Rinse and pat dry.
Birch withstands careful dampening well.

The Korona collection represents Valona’s ecological zero waste design principle, which aims to minimise production material loss already at the design stage. Korona jewellery is made from both rings and the round pieces inside them, like these earrings.


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