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This high-efficiency Delicate Laundry Detergent has been specially developed for delicate fabrics like wool and silk. It’s enzyme-free and contains Lanolin oil that cares for and protects the fibers, making them softer and giving them that extra luster.

Protects and cares for delicate materials like wool and silk
Ideal for handwashing
Scented with Rose & Musk
Effective from 30°C

Contains no enzymes, colorants, zeolites, phosphates or preservatives
Highly concentrated (12-19 washes)
Biodegradable within hours
Manufactured in a climate-neutral factory in Vadstena, Sweden

When washing wool, silk or other delicate materials, you need an extra gentle detergent, where the active ingredients are surfactants, not enzymes. Enzymes are particularly made to break down and dissolve dirt consisting of protein (organic stains, food, sweat, make-up, etc.). Wool and silk are natural materials and consist of nothing but protein. So, when washing with enzymes you will, in just a couple of washes, break down the structure of the garment.

>10% Aqua, >10% Alcohol, C10-C18 Ethoxylated, 1-10% PPG-4 Laureth-5, 1-10% Sodium Chloride, 1-10% Sodium Laureth Sulfate, 1-10% Glycerin, 0,1-1% Parfum, 0,1-1% Lanolin, 0,1-1% Dipropylene Glycol, <0,1 Benzisothiazolinone, <0,1% Albizia Julibrissin Flower Extract.

Steamery Delicate Laundry Detergent contains nothing but natural ingredients that are readily biodegradable, which means they are broken down within hours. The palm oil used is certified and not rainforest harvested. All our laundry detergents are produced in Östergötland, Sweden. The factory is certified as climate neutral. This means they compensate for all CO2 as well as other emissions

Lanolin is a “wool fat acid” that is extracted from sheep wool and it has very impressive features. With the right amount (= 1%), the Lanolin oil lubricates the “living” fibers in fine materials like silk and cashmere and protects them from drying out. Applying the Lanolin also makes the fibers withstand dirt and water during future usage. This means that after using Steamery Delicate Laundry Detergent a woolen sweater or a silk dress will actually repel water and dirt.



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