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Sustainability is a big word and can consist of several factors. It is strongly dependent on your personal cultural background and value base, accustomed operating methods and expectations. In any case, one thing is consistent: sustainable means self-sustaining activity without uncontrollably consuming natural resources and human values.

Because we believe in a sustainable world, we have set boundary conditions for our operations to build this better world.


Sustainable materials, also known as environmentally friendly or green materials, are resources that are sourced, produced and used responsibly and with minimal negative environmental impact. These materials contribute to sustainable development by promoting environmental protection, social responsibility and economic viability.


For us, sustainable production means adopting practices that minimize environmental impacts, prioritizing social responsibility and ensuring financial viability. Its goal is to keep economic growth in parallel with ecological and social well-being.

Working conditions

To us, sustainable working conditions means the practice of ensuring fair, ethical and supportive working conditions for employees while minimizing negative environmental impacts. Achieving sustainable working conditions requires taking social, economic and environmental aspects into account.


For us, innovative design means products whose design is the creation of solutions that are new, effective and perhaps revolutionary. It goes beyond what is perceived as traditional design and shapes ideas about perceived uses. Innovative design is especially suitable for the production of the material.


For us, low-carbon means the design of products and the ease they bring to our everyday lives, which help to minimize carbon dioxide emissions and reduce environmental impacts. This approach is reflected in the materials, packaging and longevity of our products. In addition, we are involved in a project in which we plant a tree with each order to reduce our own share of carbon dioxide emissions.


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