Makeup & Skincare Recycling

Makeup & Skincare Recycling


HELS1NK1 is created to push the boundaries and lay down better lifestyle habits. We are excited to announce that HELS1NK1 is now completing the Recycling program with the old skincare and makeup packages. These are especially challenging as every different skincare and makeup brand is using the most convenient packaging material for them, and often the selection is very various.

To take the next step, we want to push harder to the packaging recycle and break them down responsible, so it doesn´t end up to the landfill.

Now, we invite our Pan-European clients to send us up to 5 empty beauty products per month and you will gain a 10% discount from the next skincare and makeup purchases.
Fill the below form and we will send you a box, which you can send us back or bring it to our concept shop at Royal Hamilius, Rue Aldringen.

If you use local Post service, we will credit the paid postal fee for you from your next order.

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