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Once upon a time there was a man named Juho Annala, Esko’s great-grandfather. The Ostrobothnian winters were freezing cold, so Juho decided to open a wool and felt boot factory in Lankilankoski. He worked so hard that year that he did not realise how important it would turn out to be: it was 1917, and in December an independent nation called Finland would be born. The years went by, the wool textiles sold well and children were born.

Lapuan Kankurit is a family business that weaves Finnish quality. Felt boots have been replaced by linen, but the idea is the same: do it ourselves right from the beginning and only the best is good enough. Each woven metre of fabric tells a story of Finnish handicraft.

The Lapua textile factory is headed by a fourth generation weaver, Esko Hjelt, with his wife Jaana. The successful products are owed to our use of the latest weaving techniques, our top designers and professional staff, and our responsible attitude towards the environment, people, nature and traditions.



Lapuan Kankurit is a jacquard weaving mill, where weaving skills and material knowhow have been refined into excellence for decades. Behind the successful products are top designers, professional staff, the latest weaving techniques and a responsible attitude towards the environment and people.

Thread does not come as a finished product by itself. Design, warping, weaving, the different stages of finishing, cutting, sewing and packing all require professional skills.

Lapuan Kankurit knows their crafters. Linen and wool products made at the Lapuan Kankurit weaving studios in Lapua have been granted the Key Flag symbol of the Association for Finnish Work. At the studios, you can see the work stages from the casting to the weaving and the finishing, packaging and dispatch of the products around the world. They also use their family’s wool-making expertise, which dates back nearly a century, at their partly owned weaving mill in the Baltic, where they manufacture a part of the wool products.



All of the products use the best possible materials. Skilfully woven and finished fabrics last from one generation to the next.

Lapuan Kankurit is the only Finnish weaving mill whose high-quality linen textiles have been accepted into the valued company of the European Masters of Linen textiles. The international organisation that grants the Masters of Linen hallmark serves as the spokesperson for quality European linens. The chain includes farmers, weaving mills and textile factories. Laguna Kankurit want to take part in ensuring that the product you use is of the best possible quality.

Their 100% linen textiles are manufactured using long staple linen which is grown in countries like France and Belgium and spun into thread in places such as Hungary. Half linen textiles and linen terry are made of long staple linen and cotton which is made to comply with the Oeko-tex standard. The wool products are manufactured using pure new wool and mohair.


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