Hosiery Recycling

Hosiery Recycling


HELS1NK1 is created to push the boundaries and lay down better lifestyle habits. We want to be part of the transformation of the fashion industry and offer a better and more controlled option to recycle your old tights.

How it will be recycled?
We want to close the loop from our side as much it is possible and be able to recycle the materials. As we do not produce, we will send the old hosiery to the Swedish Stockings, who will transform the old hosiery into new.
Now, we invite our Continental European clients to send us min. 3 old pair of your tights and you will gain a 10% discount from the next hosiery purchase.
Fill the below form and we will send you an envelope, which you can send us back or bring it to our concept shop at Royal Hamilius, Rue Aldringen.

If you use local Post service, we will credit the paid postal fee for you from your next order.

Swedish Stockings collect and grind down old pantyhose to be used as filler materials in fibreglass tanks. These tanks are used in the commercial industry to separate grease from water, such as at gas stations, at restaurants, etc. They are extremely hardwearing, lasting decades, and can contain your old pantyhose in them.

Glamorous - No

Sustainable - Yes


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