"Soft moss under your feet. Prickly pine needles in the palm of your hand. The calm forest at dusk and the vast skies at night. The smell of heartwood. Let go of the unnecessary. Reinvent your rituals and get closer to your roots. Start thinking simple."

HETKINEN is a new cosmetic brand in Finland. Their philosophy is beautiful, reflected directly from nature. All products are made of pure 100% natural raw materials, and the entire product range is vegan. Carefully selected ingredients include extracts, natural vegetable oil, vegetable fats, vitamins and essential oils from different trees.

"Living in harmony with nature is one of the greatest commitments we can make in our lives"

HETKINEN does not use artificial ingredients. No parabens, artificial fragrances or colors, mineral oils r polyethylene. The structure of each product is like velvet and so rich. Every hand cream, body lotion, lip palm is packed in a pine jar. Yes, in a pine jar. It has a simple shape and design and has its own natural fragrance of fresh wood. The pine jar is antibacterial, beautiful and functional at the same time. Hearwood is also alive; It lives in seasons, expands in summer and retreats in winter.



"We hope our products help you look at trees with new eyes: to see their beaty and versatility. Forest and the trees hold the keys to our health!"

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