The brand was launched in October, 2014 as an alternative to high street fast fashion. Offering a conscious choice in what you wear, without compromising on style, quality or price.

Conscious, fresh, people

Despite the heavy subject matter COSSAC is easy going, designed to fit different lifestyle and free from the stigma and stereotype of eco fashion brands.

The ethical and sustainable backbone of the brand runs further than just the design, manufacture and distribution of eco fashion. It’s about making a positive lifestyle choice and giving others the opportunity to do the same by becoming a part of COSSAC’s mission as we spread news and invite others to share inspiration. Eco fashion is just a small part of starting a fresh mindset.


COSSAC uses various suppliers from UK, India, Tanzania, Turkey and other countries to source the fabrics and produce our eco fashion garments. The list of suppliers is constantly expanding and we make a conscious effort to continue to educate ourselves and improve all manufacturing processes. The majority of fabrics we use are fair trade, organic, recycled or have low environmental impact. In future we want all material we use to be 100% eco-friendly and are working towards this goal daily.


Production is carried out in the UK and Turkey. We believe in the transparency of the supply chain: apart from using sustainable fabrics, we want to make sure that factory’s employees are working in just conditions and they are not being exploited in any form. Every supplier and factory we work with holds certificates assuring these rules are being followed.


COSSAC operates mainly as an online retailer; we believe this is the most positive approach to eco fashion distribution. Receipts, purchases and delivery details are communicated via email to reduce paper waste. During delivery all packaging and labelling is kept to an extreme minimum. Our business cards, hang-tags and boxes are made from recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. We leave no trace apart from the statement you make in our ECO-HOT garments.

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