Clothing Recycling

Clothing Recycling

We are here to push the boundaries and lay down better lifestyle habits. HELS1NK1Concept´s foundation idea is to make our life circular and avoid filling up the landfills with textile waste.

To take the next step, we want to push harder to the proper textile recycle and, re-use, re-sell or break them down responsible.

We all have closets full of clothes and accessories that we no longer use. We will now accept your old clothes. Send or bring your unused clothes directly to our Concept store and receive Store Credit against them for your next purchases.
Remember, however, clothing should be in good condition, intact, clean, and free of odors such as; tobacco, food and mold.

Once we have received the clothing, we will send you an email offering the Store Credit value. After accepting this, we will activate this value for your customer account, which is available both in our online store and in our Concept store in Luxembourg.

You can fill the below form and we will send you a box, which you can send us back or bring it to our concept shop at Royal Hamilius, Rue Aldringen.

Order your RePack recycling packaging here!

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