Alchemist Fashion

Alchemist is born from the desire to combine sustainability with luxury fashion. Founder Caroline Mewe believes fashion and ethical business practices are equally important. That’s why they want to create beautiful clothing that is ethically produced made from sustainable materials.

The Alchemist collections are built to be worn through different seasons. The focus of the collections isn’t on following trends, but on high-quality designs that fit well. Every collection, Alchemist re-introduce essential pieces in new colors and fabrics. These essentials have been fitted and tested so they can lay the groundwork for a superb wardrobe.


"We believe that no single thing or person is an isolated phenomenon. Chemistry only starts when different elements interact"

About Production:

Alchemist believe that clothing should be produced in an honest way. This means that production should be ethical and sustainable from start to finish, giving attention to social-ethical and sustainable production processes and transparency about the methods. It is important that everyone who contributes to the collections should be able to work in a safe environment and for fair wages.

About Materials:

At Alchemist like to work with natural materials. The used materials are sustainably produced and almost always certified. They avoid using azo-dyes, plasticizers and nonylphenol ethoxylates in the production of the clothing. In addition to these materials, Alchemist use a couple of semi-synthetic fibers and synthetic fibers. These synthetic fibers are only used to enhance the performance of other materials





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