Respect the people

We believe that honoring others will give you the respect you deserve. We believe that no one should be forced to work for others by giving up their dignity and self-esteem. The person behind each of our products will be compensated accordingly. For each brand, we check the working conditions of their products to the best of our ability. We also constantly monitor their activities and identify the manufacturers used by these brands.

Respect the planet

Billions of people share our planet. It is our responsibility to take care of this earth and to make it healthy again. We only sell brands with a similar value base and will to take care of nature and the environment.

Respect the history and cultural heritage

We believe that our history has a major impact on what we are today. We want to understand the story behind the brands and support their personal history and culture. Our products are part of a story that may have started before the wars or just a few years ago. But there is always a story behind, that has convinced us.

Respect Artists

We believe in the power of art. We believe that handmade art can be fully worn for everyday events. We believe that art can be a part of our lives without a big price tag. When you use an artist's artwork, you always have something unique and a story with you that is transmitted through your own unique story. And each of us is an artist of our own lives.

Respect innovation

We believe that creating new policies and ways of production can have a major impact on the well-being of people and our planet. By using traditional materials in a new way, by re-manufacturing or recycling, we can effectively reduce CO2 emissions. By constantly developing new innovative materials in the light of today's knowledge, it is possible to create groundbreaking inventions for the entire clothing industry and society.

Respect style

Even though we make and buy sustainable and ethically made fashion and skin care, we still want to look good and stylish. For us, choosing ethics is not about giving up style and quality of life. For us, ethics just make it all that much more interesting and "sexier." 


If you would like to comment or give us new perspectives for a modern sustainable lifestyle, we'd love to hear from you.


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