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Hels1nk1 is a concept store for a sustainable and modern lifestyle. Ethics is a cornerstone of all our activities and is the only right way for us to act.

We are looking for products born from the idea of ​​changing the world for the better; how we operate and consume, or by creating a completely new and innovative product that sits into our society's needs. We are excited when a classic product is made using existing know-how, changing its manufacturing process technology to be more functional and bringing the entire supply chain closer to customers. There is no reason to go further, when the catch is closer, more durable, more timeless, and better done.

We focus on European products and especially the Nordic ones. The name HELS1NK1 comes from the capital of Finland. It is our source of our inspiration and ideas. It is where nature, sea, forest, and architecture from different decades sits seamlessly together. It is a city where innovative energy, timelessness, and pure Nordic design are present.


HELS1NK1 is built with heart and respect for the surroundings, both near and far, and based on core values; People and the planet.
The cornerstone of our operations is sustainable development and ethical operating methods throughout the value chain of each product. It is not enough that the product is manufactured in Western countries, if the working conditions are not respectful or the compensation received from the work is not enough to cover everyday life. It is also not enough that the product is produced from sustainable material if we do not know where it was made and by whom.
We are not looking for perfection, but transparency and a genuine desire to develop our operations with partners and customers to be better and more sustainable every day. It's a journey, not a destination.


Each brand has to have clear values and ethos that are respected through the entire manufacturing process from design until the finished product. These values have to be also easy to track down and monitored from outside. The HELS1NK1 team does regular checks and read reviews about brands and their products to be sure of their excellence, safety and ethical approach. More transparent we are, better it is for everyone.

"Every brand has been studied, reviewed and researched for over six month period before it has landed to our shop. We want to be sure and be able to stand 100% behind each brand we support. Not only the product has to be great, but also the production, design and materials used have to be excellent. While visiting us, you can enjoy "guilt free" shopping. Every item at our shop has made with people and planet on the mind and hearth."


We are only looking for products made from materials that do not harm the environment. Materials can be reused at the end of their life cycle, easily recycled, and used to create new products.

Our favorite clothing materials are recycled. We are actively looking for brands that create their product line using recycled materials both in their products and their packaging.

We are also very excited about new and innovative materials like Ecovero, Tencel, Lyocell, and Cupro.

Because we are part of nature, materials such as linen, organic cotton, mulesing-free wool, and naturally tanned leather (when it comes by the food industry as a by-product) are part of our responsibly crafted collection.

We also accept good quality, old garments directly from customers who can resell in the fast-growing second-hand market.

When it comes to skincare and makeup, we're only looking for brands that use natural and primarily organic ingredients. We also love those small brands that use handpicked raw materials directly from nature. In such a case, "organic certification" is impossible to obtain.

The used ingredients mustn't endanger the user or the environment by releasing toxins and microplastics into the water system.
We try to seek independently owned beauty brands that use the wisdom from the past and learn more about our fantastic environment with its powerful ingredients.

From People To People

All the products in the concept are made for you, and their various manufacturing process involves a human being.
All of our products are made from person to person, and we believe we should value everyone the way we want to be valued as people ourselves.

We also want to know more about our clients, Hels1nk1 family members. We seek to understand your pains and gains, and see how we can help you at your sustainable road. There does not pass a day, that we would not learn something new about our clients or from them. We believe, that sharing is caring, and that's one of the reason why we are here!

We are always interested to hear from similar minded people and brands

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